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Lisa Hardi

Chester, Cheshire, UK, and distance work worldwide.

I began exploring and learning about shamanism when I found it enhanced the reiki and reflexology treatments that I give as a holistic therapist. Looking for a teacher, I thankfully found Paul Francis of the Three Ravens College. Paul's integration of shamanism with counselling and psychotherapeutic techniques makes a powerful healing modality for today.

For me shamanism is about connecting back to the living natural world and seeking to be a whole and healthy human within that world. This is an intensely practical way of dealing with the stresses of modern life - the pressure to be constantly doing; the distractions of technology; the perpetual demands from work, family and others.  To unplug from our seething civilisation and feel the filaments that still hold us to plants, animals, rocks, landscapes, takes us back to our roots as human animals and teaches us what really matters. Therapeutic shamanism can help us to bring back this connection into the everyday world and hold on to it to nurture and protect us.

Plant medicine is my particular passion. From being taught the names and ways of wild flowers as a child, to growing food and healing herbs, and using essential oils for my clients' physical and psychological needs, the plant world has freely given its abundance all my life. I often integrate my shamanic work with aromatherapy and plant essence blends for my clients.

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