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What happens in a session.

Every practitioner works differently. But generally a session goes like this…

The practitioner will send you some questions before the session. When they get your anwswers, this allows them to (a) do an honest assessment as to whether shamanic work is appropriate for you, and whether they are the right person to help you, and (b) do some preparatory work.

The actual session may be face-to-face or by distance. The session has three stages. First, some time is spent at the talking and exploring the issue(s) in more depth. Second, the shamanic journey is done. This is usually done to the sound of a shamanic drum, and involves the practitioner entering a meditative state (the shamanic journey), and doing the healing whilst the client just relaxes. Lastly, the practitioner comes out of the journey and tells the client what happened, and client and practitioner then spend time unpacking the meaning and messages of what has taken place.