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Marie Edwards

Tameside, near Manchester  and distance work

Hi, I’m Marie and I am a qualified shamanic practitioner and art psychotherapist. I have worked in various mental health, inpatient, education and community settings for around 16 years with young people, children, families and adults. I am also an apprentice permaculture designer and teacher with The Northern School of Permaculture. One of my main passions is in supporting people in recognising their true value, worth and creative potential in a world that has largely not enabled us to discover, ‘all that we are’ both as individuals and as a society as a whole.

I began my own healing journey in my late teens, following a creative and therapeutic path early on. After feeling utterly distraught by our current ecological crisis a number of years back I was delighted to encounter Paul Francis’ work which carefully weaves psychotherapy and shamanism together in a way that enables real and lasting change. I now spend my life immersing myself in the emerging ecological, social and spiritual solutions. I am deeply grateful to be able to offer this form of healing and from my own experience I know how profoundly life enhancing it is! It is a real honour to work with others at this time in our great journey back to health and wholeness.

I offer both face to face and distance sessions. I charge between £40 and £70 depending on what people feel they can afford and can be contacted by email or phone.

To contact Marie…

Phone: 07910 410 059   Email: