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Chris Holt

Liverpool, and distance work worldwide.

Hi, I’m Chris.

I am based in Liverpool and currently work with clients both here and on the Wirral.

I never really aspired to become a shamanic practitioner but I got into this work, like most people, in an attempt to feel better and hopefully to heal some of my issues. But now, after nearly 10 years of studying Therapeutic Shamanism I’ve ended up with this vast knowledge and experience of the most fascinating and profound healing system I have ever come across.

Training to be a practitioner and working with clients has just become a natural development for me.

I love the way the techniques we use allow us to work in partnership with the client. I love the fact that the power always stays with the client and I love that my clients really ‘get this’. I think it makes a huge difference. Therapeutic shamanism has integrity written into its very core and I am extremely proud to be doing this work.  

I also work as an advocate for children and young people, I teach yoga and I have a farm (well it's an allotment really but to me it's a farm!)

My sessions usually last two hours and the cost is on a sliding scale of £40-£70.

To contact Chris…

Telephone: 07958 058 191 Email: